We are an architectural firm located in Barcelona with 40 years of international experience in the world of architecture design and pioneers in Green Architecture. Cultural, social, landscape and environmental values of the land are integrated into our architecture in order to guarantee the successful interpretation of our clients expectations and requirements.


We understand architecture design as a tool to change and improve society.

Our projects are designed with an overall, integrated architectural vision, blending the architecture, interior design and landscape design disciplines.

Our architectural design creates an impact due to its beauty and functionality, so that function and emotion exist in harmony.

We strive to improve our architectural method taking the challenges of the future into consideration by being open to innovation incorporating new technologies and processes.


As professionals we accept the responsibility to arrive at the best answer to our clients' needs, offering creative solutions, individualized for each commission.

Our architecture is integrated into the landscape, respecting the topography, the vegetation, the materials, colors and textures present in the land.

We materialize our ideas in unique architectural projects of high quality in timeless designs. We offer our clients sustainable projects that are responsible with their environmental impact.

The projects are born from an artisanal focus of primary sketches and drawings and scale models and developed using the most advanced BIM technology. Physical and digital models are used, as well as renderings of images and videos.

We accept the responsibility of honest, integral, work ethics.


BC Estudio Architects, founded by Javier Barba, is a solid team of professionals of different nationalities who share a vision and a method of design that have characterized the firm from its origins, with excellent results, as demonstrated in projects around the world.

F. Javier Barba - Founder & CEO of BC Estudio Architects

Susana Zanón Architect - General Projects Director

Gabriel Barba Architect - BC Estudio Architects Director

Jordi Barba Landscape Architect - BC Estudio Landscape Director

Margarida Moiteiro Architect – Interior Design Director


F. Javier Barba - Founder & CEO of BC Estudio Architects

Susana Zanón Architect - General Projects Director

  • Architect Degree. Universidad Católica de Santa Fe. Argentina
  • Postgraduate. Heritage restoration. UPC (Barcelona)
  • Professor / Architecture I and History Architecture Universidad Nacional del Litoral -Argentina / Historic, Urban and Architectural Analysis. Monument Restoration Master degree (MRM)- Universitat Politécnica de Barcelona. (UPC)

  • Gabriel Barba Architect - BC Estudio Architects Director

  • Master Degree of Business Administration (MBA).
  • Architect Degree. ESARQ. Universidad Internacional de Catalunya (UIC)
  • Industrial and Product Designer. Elisava Barcelona

  • Jordi Barba Landscape Architect - BC Estudio Landscape Director

  • Landscape Architect Universitat Politécnica de Barcelona. (ETSAB-UPC)
  • Biologist Degree. Universitat de Girona(UDG)
  • Engineering and Environmental Management. Master Degree (ICT)
  • Postgraduate. Integrated Quality, Environmental and Risk prevention Systems (ICT)

  • Margarida Moiteiro Architect - Interior Design Director

  • Architect Degree. Universidad Lusíada de Lisboa. Portugal
  • Universidad Técnica. Superior de Arquitectura, San Sebastián.

  • Véronique Desvenain - Secretary and Administration

  • Social sciences. Institut Supérieur Des Sciences Humaines Appliquées (E.O.S). Bruxelles
  • Accounting and corporation economics. Communauté Français de Belgique.


    Arq. Natalia Galmes, Arq. Pablo Paci, Arq. Zuzana Prochazkova, Arq. Antonio Cilea, Arq. Técnico Josep María Serraïma, Arq. Cynthia Fittippaldi, Arq. Joan Sistach, Arq. Eduardo Reguant, Arq. Antonio Aller, Arq. Carlos Gassol, Arq. Oriol Casamitjana Arq. / Ingeniero Ignacio Suqué


    BC Estudio | Plaza Equilaz 10 Ent. 3a | 08017 Barcelona | España | Tel 34 932 044 206 | Fax 34 932 042 697 | javbarba@bcestudioarchitects.com | bcestudio@bcestudioarchitects.com